About Us

People face great pressure to succeed in their lives, and can be held back by fear, anxiety, confusion, stress and lack of confidence. We support young people, young professionals, managers, leaders, organisations and individuals to create the results they would like. We believe in the idea that 'you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.' We are members of The Association for Coaching, the Association for NLP, accredited by The Coaching Academy and trained in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We are also accredited to conduct DISC profiling.


Our Vision

GE Coaching supports people to bring clarity into their thinking and planning, so that they can lead fulfilled and happy lives with a real sense of purpose..

Our Approach

Coaching is for people who want to change and develop. This means changing how they think, and challenging their own behaviours and beliefs. Coaching and NLP techniques encourage a creative attitude, and invite the question 'What if....?'

Our Team

Success Designers

Gülşen Dikme

Co-Founder | Coach

Gulsen Dikme is a qualified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner with almost 20 years' senior financial management and consultancy experience. Her DISC profile favours D and C, D showing her ability to lead others and C showing how she is drawn to detail and accuracy. Coaching, for her, is the opportunity to help people change their lives.

Edward Peters

Co-Founder | Coach

Ed Peters is a qualified Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner with a background international education marketing and career guidance. His DISC profile favours I and S: I showing enthusiasm for new ideas and communication, and S balancing this with a drive to engage and support others. He has coached people from different countries and regions and has noticed how much they share the same concerns and ambitions.