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Koçluğa nasıl yaklaşıyoruz?

Koçluk süreci pratikte nasıl çalışır?

Kimler koç ile çalışmalı? Neden?

Koçluğa ilgi gösterdiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz; İşte bir koçla çalışmak isteyip istemediğinize karar vermenize yardımcı olacak bazı bilgiler.

Is coaching right for me?

Is there a gap between where you are now to where you want to be? Do you feel confused about the next step to take? Do you sometimes feel you lack confidence, or that you are not moving forward in your life, career or studies? If the answer is “yes”, then coaching could help.

What is coaching?

Your coach does not give advice or guidance doesn't make suggestions or offer opinions or judgment. Coaching is a tool that is used to empower individuals and help them reach their goals; it is a structured conversation where your coach provides the structure and you provide the content.

What coaching is not

Your coach does not give advice or guidance, make suggestions or offer opinions.

What is the difference between coaching, guidance, mentoring and counselling?

Coaching, mentoring, counselling and guidance can all improve a person’s well-being, but there are also some key differences:
  • A Mentor is someone with specific experience and expertise, who passes on this expertise and thereby enhances a person’s skills​
  • Counselling deals with trauma or past experiences that impact on a person’s present behaviour​
  • Guidance supports people as they follow a particular programme or set of steps, perhaps towards further training or career development or choice
  • Coaching is a different intervention to enable a person to move from where they now to where they want to be

How does coaching work?

Different coaches use different models to structure their sessions. A popular model is the GROW model which is an acronym for the areas explored, Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward. This model keeps you moving forward towards your goal. As well as GROW, there are other models that your coach could use – it depends what works best for you. Your coach will be asking you questions, listening to your responses, challenging you whilst all the time remaining non-judgemental regarding the details- and not offering you any advice.

What happens during a coaching session?

Coaching can be done face to face, by phone or via Skype or Zoom. The client contacts the coach. Every session is different, but your coach may encourage you to review your previous session, set the goal for this session, think about where you are now with this goal and think about the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. You agree on some actions that you can take to move you forward, and your coach will summarise the session and finish off. A session may last 30, 45 or 60 minutes and your coach will manage the time carefully.

Who else will know what has been said?

A coaching session is completely confidential. GE Coaching agrees and complies with the Coaching Code of Conduct which you will find on this site. Confidentiality may only be broken if your coach feels that you may intend to cause harm to yourself or others, or to engage in criminal behaviour.

What does the coach need from me during a session?

Come to the session fully prepared and with a goal or aspiration in mind that you would like to work on. Take 15 minutes prior to the session to prepare your thoughts and relax. Bring a pen and paper, to take notes if you wish, and have your diary to hand, to book any other sessions. Please ensure that you are on time, as lateness can impact others’ coaching.

I want to start coaching now. What do I do?

Contact GE Coaching to discuss what you want to achieve; we are happy to give you a free 20-minute coaching session to show you how it works. Please check through our Coaching Contract and our Code of Practice, so that you are certain about the details of a coaching agreement. In your first full session, we will tell you more about coaching, so that you are fully up to speed. We look forward to working with you.