13th Mar13th 2020
I Want To Be A Doctor

“I want to be a Doctor....”

We hear this often and it’s an admirable thing to say.

Students who want to be doctors have trained themselves to study very hard, because they know how good their academic results must be.

We admire how committed these young people are, and we hear about the sacrifices they are making to achieve this ambition.

But is this enough to guarantee success?

A coaching conversation can encourage the student to look at their plans and ambitions from a different perspectives.

As an example, I was speaking recently with a student about studying Medicine and asked him:

“What will make you a really good doctor?”

The student hesitated, as if this were a completely new idea to him. He started to talk about the degrees he would have, but quickly realised that this was not what the question meant. There was a period of silence while he reflected, but in the end he couldn’t come up with an answer.

Ask yourself the same question: what makes a really good doctor?

Qualifications are certainly important, because nobody wants to be treated by an unqualified doctor! However, I suspect “well-qualified” wouldn’t be the Number 1 quality you look for, although it’s an expectation.

You might instead focus on how well the doctor puts patients at their ease, explains things clearly, carries out procedures skilfully, listens attentively, answers the patient’s questions, recognises their fears and gives them confidence that they are in good hands.

You could say similar things about any profession: most taxi-drivers will get you from one place to another, but only some have the ability to make you feel at ease, perhaps to cheer you up and make the journey less stressful. I’m sure that all teachers know their subject syllabus, but young people can spot the difference between an excellent and an ordinary teacher…just ask any young person!

Training, knowledge and experience are all important, but your personal skills and qualities make you stand out.

Whatever you aspire to, what will make you really good at it?




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