9th Jul9th 2020
Our Courtesy Charter


People matter, not just because they are business leads but because they are people; and a person’s day can be transformed by the smallest act of kindness, respect or politeness. So let’s all do this more often.

Here is our “Courtesy Charter”

It shows how we promise to work with you and, of course, suggests how we would like you to work with us. We think it could make a great difference to everyone’s day.


  1. If you contact us, we will reply quickly. If we can’t, we’ll let you know when we can reply.
  2. When we talk to you or meet with you, we will focus on you and not on the phone, email or any other passing distraction
  3. Confidentiality is essential to us as coaches. We will keep details of our conversations fully confidential unless we have your permission to pass on information
  4. We recognise that your time is valuable. We will therefore always contact you at the time we agreed, not later
  5. When we write documents or proposals, we will take time and care to express ourselves clearly, so that you don’t have to waste time working out what we mean!
  6. We recognise that arrangements may change for you; if we have enough notice, we are happy to re-arrange things
  7. If we disagree with you, we will say so clearly, but we will also respect your view
  8. If anything changes suddenly for us, we will inform you immediately, and aim to give you as much notice as possible
  9. We will always take the time to understand what you mean, and not make assumptions because we may be busy!
  10. We will always conduct ourselves in a way that protects and enhances your reputation as well as ours