18th Sep18th 2020
Most Employees Want to Leave

Research has shown that a significant majority of the workforce are prepared to leave their job, unless certain changes are made....

This is not blackmail for a higher salary or longer holidays. The things that employees want are much more fundamental. Take these requests on board and it will trandform your company!

Your staff want to be acknowledged and valued for their work; they want really thorough inductions when they start, so that they feel confident from the beginning; they want to see the company behaving ethically in the way it conducts its business; they want to be sure that the corporate culture protects them from overwork and burnout

Anyone brought up under the old ways will not understand this. They will dismiss it as the talk of people who are "not up to the job" because they don't want the excessive working hours, the cut-throat culture or and the fast and furious pace, which are meant to symbolise success. 

If youre a boss, think the old way if you wish - but which of us is hiding from reality?